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Cheat Sheets (pdf format):
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

  • Code Editors:
  • Notepad++  Is the best editor for the seasoned hand coder. I've used it exclusively for years on all of the programming languages that I'm fluent in. I am coding this entire site using Notepad ++ .
  • PDF Readers:

    "Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, your browser already has a built-in PDF reader. It won’t have all the features, but using your browser as a PDF reader is a quick way to read PDF documents and it will save you lots of system resources."

  • 5 Best pdf Readers

  • WordPress

    If you're into WordPress here's some things you might find useful.

  • WPMU Dev  (Premium Content)
  • Free Themes With Demos
  • Just Stuff

    Is your image gallery software living up to your expectations? Here's the one I use exclusively JAlbum check out my galleries and see how I customized them. It's simply the best image gallery software I've used.

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