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Cheat Sheets (pdf format):
  • HTML5
  • CSS3

  • Code Editors:
  • Notepad++
    Is the best editor for the seasoned hand coder. I've used it exclusively for years on all of the programming languages that I'm fluent in. I am coding this entire site using Notepad ++ .

  • Sublime Text
    Is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose.

  • Visual Studio
    VS Code uses a multi-process architecture, where extensions are executed in a separate extension host process. The workbench can now recover gracefully from an unexpected termination of the extension host process. All UI elements and state driven from extensions will be removed (for example, squiggles and Status Bar items) and, if the extension host is restarted, everything will return to normal.

  • "Whether you’re using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge, your browser already has a built-in PDF reader. It won’t have all the features, but using your browser as a PDF reader is a quick way to read PDF documents and it will save you lots of system resources."

  • 5 Best pdf Readers

  • If you're into WordPress here's some things you might find useful.

  • WPMU Dev  (Premium Content)

  • Free Themes With Demos

  • WP Beginner
    Beginners often get confused when trying to pick the best WordPress plugins among the large number that are available. Visit this site to learn more and you might find one you need.

  • How to Start a Secure WordPress Blog for Newbies: Taken from Sensors Tech Forum by Gergana Ivanova on [September 20, 2017] "Starting a new blog is an adventure and an inspiration like every new beginning, but it is worth it. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to start your own website, it requires a tiny initial investment of money and some investment in time."

  • Is your image gallery software living up to your expectations? Here's the one I use exclusively JAlbum check out my galleries and see how I customized them. It's simply the best image gallery software I've used.

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