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This site was designed for and tested on the following browsers Chrome and Firefox and Opera all at a resolution of 1920x1080.
These are the most commonly used browsers so I make no attempt to satisfy any other browsers at this time...

Site Security and More .....

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a Wordpress CMS website.

Therefore this site is protected using sophisticated blocking software which WordPress doesn't have. All disposable emails worldwide are blocked and added to my existing database of reported email addresses. I have captured over 100,000 in my own database and add more weekly. If you can't create a new account here, then the email address you are using is on that worldwide list. In addition, all IP's are checked against a separate database containing near 1 million malicious IP's. If yours is on the list you cannot create an account here because that IP has been Blacklisted and is automatically recorded, blocked and reported to Project Honey Pot for worldwide distribution.






Good Software Download Websites

A word to the wise. Never download files from just any ole website. Either follow the link to the website or go to one of the safe mass download sites. I provided some goods links below. Also, be sure to check the site to make sure it's the official site and never download anything if you have doubts. I always Google the URL just to satisfy any concerns I might have. Finally, some sites are secure but the mass majority aren't. ( 

  1. File Hippo has been around forever. I noticed that they've done some work on their site. As with any large download site be careful about downloading embedded adware. Especially in the freeware stuff.
  2. Major Geeks is another old timer. This site offers mostly application software. Major Geeks offers freeware, shareware, bundleware and opensource for linux systems and the windows os versions that the software supports. They offer previews, screenshots, links to the creators website, reviews and more for the vast majority of the software offered here.
  3. Snap Files is a well managed site which offers freeware and shareware with reviews on each piece of software from both staff and users.
  4. Softpedia has taken on a strange appearance. It's categorized well but it gives off the appearance of a news site. It's so unusual for a download site that you gotta love it.
  5. File Forum has a lot of shareware that you can download. There's a review system with quite a few that haven't been reviewed (watch out for those).
  6. Freeware Files chocked full of freeware. This site is well laid out and categorized with a review system. I saw a couple of apps that I thought about downloading.

Button Maker

All of my themes are made using colors which are defined within the external CSS3 page. I use the Button Maker to pick the colors and use them to build the theme as you see it here. So you see there are more task that can be performed other than just making buttons. Oh, I built all of the mouseover buttons using the app.

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" Windows 10"
Microsoft addresses your privacy in 
Windows 10

More details about what user data Microsoft collects and why.

By Tom McNamara, | September 29, 2015




10 reasons why you shouldn't upgrade to Windows 10

By: Woody Leonhard - InfoWorld | Aug 1, 2016

What's new in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

Microsoft Edge gets browser extensions, Cortana takes over, gamers play anywhere, and more.

Tom McNamara - | July 29, 2016



Download Windows 10 for free
how to still get a free upgrade legally.

Microsoft ended its free upgrade offer for Windows 10 on July 29, 2016, but it turns out you may still be able to legally upgrade to the latest version for free no hacking required.
Here's all you need to know.
Read more at Trusted Reviews



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" Content Management Systems"
You can find some good Content Management Systems here:
eZ Publish Box



I think WordPress has the biggest community and because of that there are a lot of sites being hacked. That's the way it works usually, once a security flaw is detected it's passed around and the hacking starts until a patch is found and a new release is announced.  Be sure to always install the newest releases from the WordPress official site or through the admin panel. That goes for any CMS that you may have. 

[CMS]  Posted by papamike on Monday, November 14, 2016 @ 11:02:18 UTC (100 reads)

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