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 PMC-Nuke, soon to be changed to "PMC-Theming System"

     If you are using the old RavenNuke themes exclusively, you will not need PMC-Theming System (when released).

     The purpose of this site is two-fold. First - I add content that is varying so I can seamlessly integrate it into all of the themes I have created for PMC-Nuke. I continously design and redesign the PMC-Nuke themes so that the look of each theme is seperately controlled by the style sheet which comes with each theme. All themes are batched together and controlled by master files located in the PMC-Nuke files. ALL images are located in the PMC-Nuke plug-in and there are no images in the theme folder.

     All themes themselves are created using only colors. The builder.css file houses all of the code needed for that theme. I have embedded small snippets of css into several main files throughout RavenNuke (the CMS that houses PMC-Nuke). I am in no hurry to finish my project but usually try to spend a small bit of time working on it everyday. When I do get it ready for release you will be able to install the RavenNuke CMS that has PMC-Nuke embedded/integrated into it and see a finished product that is safe, secure and with a non-reconizable enviornment. Every page will look totally different than it does now, if you have ever used RavenNuke.

     Second - My intent is to take the safe and secure RN CMS and make it more modern looking in everyway. There will be indepth instructions included in the finished product that will guide the user through all of the new features and what can be tweaked and how new themes can be created.

     I will not say check back from time-to-time for changes because they will be slow in coming. As I make one change a new one presents itself that I have to deal with.

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Good Software Download Websites

Major Geeks is another old timer. This site offers most application software. Major Geeks offers freeware, shareware, bundleware and open source for Linux systems and the windows os versions that the software supports. They offer previews, screenshots, links to the creator's website, reviews and more for the vast majority of the software offered here.

Snap Files is well managed and offers freeware and shareware with reviews on each piece of software from both staff and users.

Softpedia has taken on a strange appearance. It's categorized well but it gives off the appearance of a news site. It's so unusual for a download site that you gotta love it.

Freeware Files chocked full of freeware. This site is well laid out and categorized with a review system. I saw a couple of apps that I thought about downloading.

File Hippo has been around forever. I noticed that they've done some work on their site. As with any large download site be careful about downloading embedded adware. Especially in the freeware stuff.

File Forum has a lot of shareware that you can download. There's a review system with quite a few that haven't been reviewed (watch out for those).

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WordPress has the largest community and there are a lot of sites being hacked just for that reason. Usually, once a security flaw is detected it's passed around and the hacking starts until a patch is found and a new release is announced.  Be sure to always install the newest releases from the WordPress official site or through the admin panel. That goes for any CMS that you may have. 

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I've been around for a long time and I've also been using JotForm for a long time. I have never been able to find a better solution to forms creation. You should try it for free.


~ jAlbum ~

I can't remember what it was that turned me onto jAlbum but I'm glad I started using it. I used it here to build my galleries. It has a 30 day trial period and it's definitely a very sexy product.


~ phpMyAdmin ~

Having trouble getting your database going? Visit this website for help and a demo.  Also, for getting those large SQL files installed to your database go to Big Dump. For specialized help contact your customer service techs.

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